Leshan - Buddha

16 October 2009

Early in the morning we were picked up by our guide Winnie for the two
hour drive to Leshan to see the Giant Buddha (70 RMB entrance fee).
The 71 meter tall Buddha was carved into the side of a rock wall
overlooking a swiftly moving river over 1300 years ago. The size of
the Buddha was amazing. Afterward we took a cruise out into the river
to get a better view of the Buddha (70 RMB). Unfortunately, the
owners of the boat are very greedy, steaming past the Buddha and then
parking just out of full sight of the Buddha from the boats viewing
deck. In order to get a good view of the Buddha, you had to pay 30
RMB more. Julia and I decided to forgo the ridiculous charge because
1) we felt a view of the Buddha should have been included in a "Buddha
boat cruise" and 2) the sun was right over the Buddha's head, making
all pictures look horrible. Following the disappointing boat cruise,
we headed to Emei city and were dropped at the Hongzhushan Hotel "Five
Star Hotel" (which doesn't live up to its name). The next day we'll
be hiking Mount Emeishan, covering a distance of approximately 34
kilometers and climb over 8350 feet over the course of 3 days.

- Scott