Yulong River Cruise & Moon Hill

River Cruise

Today we woke up early to hit take a Yulong River Cruise. The Yulong,
a small, smooth river, is one of the tributaries to the Li River. The
River is well known in the region for its bamboo river cruises. Many
Chinese and some foreign tourists pay the 150 Yuan each to ride the
long bamboo float (complete with shade) down the river. The boats are
guided by locals. On the voyage down, many locals hawk beer and water
for 15 and 10 RMB respectively. The river has several rock/concrete
dams which create large pools. The bamboo boats cruise over these
dams and locals sitting atop larger bamboo rafts complete with full
desktop computers and printers (how they are powered... I don't know)
wait to take your photo and sell you 30 RMB photos. Prior to and
while on the trip, you can purchase (or maybe you are only renting..
I'm not sure) water guns for 3 RMB for two guns.

Moon Hill

Moon Hill is a large Hill with a huge hole in the shape of a moon in
it. The Hill can be climbed for spectacular vistas of the region. The
entrance fee is 15 RMB... Near the "official top" (which is where you
can walk through the moon) is a sign that states "No Passengers" (or
something as silly). If you continue down that trail, you can climb
to the top of the mountain for even better views. :)