How we got started ...

It doesn't seem that long ago when Jenna and Bobby asked Scott to photograph their wedding in 2007. Bobby worked with Scott and knew that he liked to take pictures. So why not shoot their wedding?

Scott was working with his new Canon Rebel Xti and external 430EXII flash. I accompanied him with my Canon I-don't-even-remember-what-the-model-is-point and shoot that had less megapixels than the iPhone4.

Scott was extremely nervous as we approached the wedding date. He had never shot anything quite like this. The pressure of capturing somebody's wedding day is something we both still experience. What if all my pictures suck? What if I miss a shot? I'm sure these worries will never leave us regardless if we're being paid a few hundred dollars or thousands.

We learned on this wedding shoot the value of having a second photographer around. I loved being able to capture people when they thought nobody was taking their picture. Those off hand moments where somebody does something ridiculously funny or incredibly romantic and I get to capture it. I live for those moments. They are what I strive to capture.

This was before we knew how to Photoshop where the most post-processing we did was on Picasa. This was before we knew the power of the external flash. This was before we did not know a lot of things we know now. Luckily the day went well. We got really lucky with the lighting situation. Scott and I got some great photos. And most importantly, Bobby and Jenna absolutely loved the photos.