Julia's new 60D @ the SB Seafood Festival and Goleta Lemon Festival

My new 60D arrived a little over a week ago. Yea!

One of the main reasons I decided to go for the 60D over the 7D was the articulated LCD screen. I take tons of shots over my head and on the floor and have to go for a shot gun approach when shooting this way. Rather than relying on luck it is nice to be able to get an idea of what I'm shooting. Of course there is a limit on the articulation and so some of the really high over the head shots are still going to be guess work. Also the focusing speed will definitely not win any Kentucky Derbys but maybe with a little more practice I can get this down better.

I seemed to have no problems with the new locking mechanism on the mode dial that gave one online reviewer issues. You press down the button and spin the dial. I know that Scott has issues with his 7D changing modes on him and so I'm happy that Canon introduced this new feature.

I also appreciate being able to use the SD cards I invested in not too long ago. Those things are not cheap and neither are the CF cards I would have had to buy for a 7D. The only bummer was having to buy new batteries (although now Scotty and I can share batteries).

All in all I definitely appreciate the extra two stops of exposure compensation (and flash exposure compensation), the increased ISO sensitivity, and extra weather proofness (compared to the Rebel Xsi). 

I took my new camera out for a spin at the Santa Barbara Seafood Festival last Saturday and the Goleta Lemon Festival yesterday. Unfortunately we weren't that hungry when we got to the Seafood Festival and so we mostly just cruised the harbor. The Lemon Festival was quite overcast; however, we were lucky to go on Saturday and not today when it actually rained. We spent a lot of time viewing the car show where I got most of my pictures. Once we hit the Lemon Festival I was quite distracted by the lemonade, lemon meringue pies, and lemon cotton candy that I sort of forgot to take pictures.


Images from the 2010 SB Seafood Festival on Saturday October 9th.


While everyone was harassing the crabs and lobsters in the touch pool, I noticed this cute little purse dog checking me out.

Images from the 2010 Goleta Lemon Festival and Car Show on Saturday, October 16th.

You'd think I was a real car enthusiast based on my pictures of the "Lemon" Festival, but really I just stopped taking pictures when I started eating.

 Obviously I'm not the photographer of this picture but this is the proof that the 60D took second chair to the many tasty lemon treats available.