Danae & Jacob

Phew ... between waiting around (and still waiting around) in escrow on our first house, Halloween, a trip to Washington DC to attend a friend's wedding, Thanksgiving, this entry is long in the waiting!!!

Danae & Jacob's Wedding

Date: October 22, 2010

Venue: Admiral Kidd Conference Center, San Diego, CA

Caterer: Admiral Kidd Conference Center Catering

Florist: Flowers by Bonnie

DJ: Ian Layosa

Admiral Kidd had a great cityscape view, which the guests enjoyed during the outside ceremony. As the afternoon slowly turned to dusk, a beautiful big full moon began to rise (I swear Danae planned it that way).


Bonnie Woelfel's flowers (Flowers by Bonnie) were stunning. The bouquets went perfectly with the bridesmaids' brown satin dresses. I loved how colorful they were and how wonderfully they complemented each other. She has a wonderful eye.

The food was banquet style and featured a stuffed chicken that was fabulous! All the food was great but Scott and I agreed that the chicken was the highlight (I wished I hadn't taken so much beef so I could have had more room for the chicken!) The catering is great at Admiral Kidd's and the staff was friendly and helpful! And of course, what girl can resist a chocolate fountain?? It was filled with tasty treats and it was lucky that my hands were full with my cameras or I might have done some damage there.

The photo booth was tons of fun and a great way to create a guest book.

Ian Layosa, a family friend of Danae & Jacob, kept the floor pumping with people and allowed us to capture some great antics.


Julia's highlights ....

Taylor, Danae's niece, was an adorable flower girl wearing a dress that looked like Danae's in miniature. She loved shoes and showed off her talent of walking in high heels (geeze, I can't even do that). When I took this picture I really meant for Taylor to be close to Danae but she had a mind of her own and scooted to the other side of the couch. She's looking at Danae's dad in the photo. After I snapped the picture, I realized that the juxtaposition was actually kind of neat (thanks Taylor!)


The looks between daughter and father. Priceless. Love it.


Mom and daughter. Also love it. These photos were captured in between the normal, posed shots when I was "playing with lighting".



Some fun detail shots. At first I was a little concerned about the decoration in the hotel, but it actually turned out making the shots interesting. I don't think Danae ended up wearing the necklace but I like the shot.

OK, so father of the bride whispers to me quickly before the ceremony that he had a surprise to reveal and to be ready for it. Next time, I'm asking what the surprise is!! After we did a shot of all the wedding guests, he pulled out a box and had Danae and Jacob open it. Butterflies came tumbling out and Scott and I snapped away as quickly as possible. I was definitely NOT prepared for this shot ... YIKES!

Here's before the moment ... what's in the box?

And then after (Scott actually got this shot) ...


Congratulations Danae & Jacob!!


~ Julia