Bear & Penguin Visit Washington DC!!

The philosphy of most photographers is to capture a scene in a unique way. It is something I strive for every time I put the viewfinder to my eye.

I love Washington DC. As this was my eighth trip to the nation's capital, I had already shot everything in the Mall. So my goal was to capture Washington DC with a different eye and try to frame my shots differently from the other seven times I had been there. The only reason I allowed myself to shoot a picture I had done before was to give myself a second chance to make it better.


View from the WWII Memorial back at the Washington Monument.


OK so maybe these aren't totally unique shots but they were a variation on what I had done before at the Vietnam Memorial (and this time I had a way nicer camera).

 Loved the colors in the sky! And the moon! Maybe not totally unique, but oh was it pretty!

On one of our strolls we ran into this little guy sitting on a trash can. He had totally scored the jack pot in finding a big bag of kettle corn! Yum! This would be the trash can I would hang out in if I was a squirrel. He was perfectly fine posing for a bunch of pictures.  What a celebrity!


Utilizing the articulated LCD screen. Normally, Scott is very adept at shooting a photo of us and keeping the framing correct. But with the Washington Monument looming close in the background it probably would have been a bit more difficult. The articulated screen was quite helpful although we seem to be staring at the screen and not at the lens. Oh well!