Guide Dogs for the Blind

My wife and I both love animals, so we decided to get involved with the Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) organization. GDB places guide dogs with needy blind individuals who would benefit from the help of a guide dog.

Volunteers typically receive a puppy at 16 weeks old and provide them with obedience training until they are a year and a half. At this point they head back to GDB for an intensive 3 month training program. During these 3 months they learn all they need to know to guide!

So far we have had the opportunity to work with numerous dogs, including Chester, Elaine, and Mansfield, who are pictured below (photos taken with iPhone!).

GDB is a great organization and we've had a lot of fun. Currently we are working with Mansfield, who is about 1 years old. I'm puppy sitting Mansfield for the month of January until Elaine turns 16 weeks old and is ready to see the world!

Mansfield loves to be pet and craves people attention (probably a little too much!) but he is a sweet pup. My wife calls him Mr. Wiggles because when he gets excited his whole body wags! Very cute...

- Scott