Cameron & Shandi

Shandi was one of the first people I met in Santa Barbara. We met on and were immediately drawn to each other since we were both from Hawai'i. It had been awhile since the both of us had lived with another "local" person and we both would laugh at the local customs we both still retained, such as a our no shoes house policy, our spam musubi makers, and tendency to slip back into pidgin English when talking to each other. We were both raised in rural communities and maintained a certain sense of self-reliance, which included dragging a full sized fridge up to our second floor apartment on our own. When Shandi mentioned she was getting married to this handsome guy, we of course needed to shoot their photos. Shandi is one of those special kinds of people who is always taking care of others. Even though I had barely met him, I had the sense that Cameron had the quiet strength to take care of Shandi. 

Shandi and Cameron had a simple ceremony on the beautiful grounds of the Santa Barbara courthouse with a small contingent of close friends and family present and ended the day with an intimate dinner at the Biltmore. Shandi drove down to LA to pick out the flowers, which she arranged herself. We were extremely honored to be able to capture their wonderful day. Congrats Shandi and Cameron ... you guys are a gorgeous couple with rock star quality!