Sarah & Doug @ Mission Santa Barbara

Sarah & Doug chose the Santa Barbara Mission, one of the most iconic buildings in our city, for their beautiful Catholic wedding. My favorite part of Mission weddings are the bells that ring as the couple leaves the church. They departed by pedicab which took them to Historic El Paseo for the reception.

El Paseo is definitely one of my favorite reception venues. The restaurant is downtown and is actually in the courtyard of the building. There is a retractable roof that covers the courtyard, allowing an open air feel. The courtyard is also surrounded by a second floor walkway where the bride and groom can make their grand entrance (and also provides a great place to shoot from when the dancing gets underway!) Normally El Paseo is a Mexican restaurant but Sarah surprised me when she mentioned that the cook can whip up any type of cuisine your heart chooses. The food here is great and is one of our favorite Mexican places in town. Great ambience and food!

Congrats Sarah & Doug!!